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Curium - The blockchain of
digital music services

Curium is a blockchain network and cryptocurrency that utilizes the very best of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and harmonizes it with top quality music content. Backed by the security of the latest in PoS hashing algorithm and dedicated servers called masternodes  it is a project that has been engineered specifically to transform the music industry.


An integrated network of nodes ensures a safe and effective transfer of funds anywhere in the world


The latest POS algorithm, ensuring CRU will stay decentralised


Curium is supported by multiple layers of security including both staking and masternode support


Instant Send transactions ensure you can use your funds instantly, anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection


Developed by a passionate and motivated team, driven by a desire for a global, secure & decentralised way of payment

Open Source Platform

A cryptocurrency with an open-source platform, designed with private and fast transactions in mind


Curium is powered by Hitmaker

Hitmaker is a leading digital music and entertainment marketing firm and the company behind Curium.  With clients that include Universal, Sony, Warner, Atlantic, ABC, Disney, Hulu, eOne, 300 and more, Hitmaker has access to exclusive premium content.  Hitmaker is building the Hitmaker music and entertainment player on the Curium blockchain to transform the current music and entertainment model. The Hitmaker player will be the first addition to the Curium ecosystem and will be powered by the native currency of Curium – CRU.


CRU nodes are a secondary layer network of nodes that enable features such as Instant Sent, Anonymous Transactions, and Governance. CRU nodes require 10,000 Curium to be held on a static IP with 24/7 uptime. In return for securing the network and allowing for these features 60% of the block reward is allocated to CRU nodes. CRU node holders also gain the ability to vote on CRU proposals once governance is activated in the future.

Most importantly, CRU node holders will also perform various services to support the Curium ecosystem with the initial offering being the Hitmaker music player.